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***2012/03/25 - Yume's Flying dreams music video on Youtube!!Thanks to Arrach'Prod for the music video of "Flying dreams"!! You can watch the video on the link below:http://youtu.be/UpSNujWEBvM***2011/08/29 - Yume's Flying dreams music video Casting in the Newspaper!!You can find on the link below, an article from the newspaper "La Voix du Nord - Lille" about Yume's Flying dreams music video. Have a look on this link, thanks to "La Voix du Nord" again for this article."Pour un casting, Audrey et Léa ont plongé dans la mythologie japonaise"***2011/08/27 - Yume's Flying dreams music video Casting @ Studio Renaissance!!Saturday, the 27th of August 2011. Studio Renaissance in Lille. Arrach'Prod, film makers association, has done the casting for the main actresses of Yume - Flying dreams music video. Indeed, on the 8th and 9th of October 2011, Baptiste Binard, film director from Arrach'Prod, will shoot Yume - Flying dreams music video. Ludovic Cardon & Sebastian Beaumont are the scenarists of the video. You can have all details about the shooting on this PDF File (French only):Tournage du clip vidéo Flying Dreams Yume.pdf***2011/07/07 - Yume's gig @ Le Biplan, France!!Thanks to "Rock in Chair", webzine from Lille for this excellent party @ Le Biplan in hometown Lille. Betrand and I really enjoyed to perform in this place. Thanks to the audience too who was totally great and present!Here is a link to Nord Eclair (local newspaper) about the party, you can read a few words about YUME which is compared to AIR and ZERO 7. Thanks for this article too.http://www.nordeclair.fr/Locales/Tourcoing/Environs/2011/07/07/rock-in-chair-se-la-joue-tournee.shtml***2010/12/20 - YUME Pressbook is now available in English and French!! (see Contact & Links)***2010/12/20 - YUME "Flying dreams" finalist!!"Flying dreams" track is finalist in electronic music category on 100% Music Songwriting Contest 2010!! Check this link:http://www.100-music-songwriting-contest.com/2010-finalists-semi-finalists***2010/10/12 - New YUME gig in March 2011!YUME will performed the 04th of March 2011 @ FACTORY STUDIO in Mouscron, Belgium. You are pleased to come... (more details on YUME official Facebook's page).***2009/11/23 - YUME's MYTHOLOGY SECTION IS OPENED!!As Yume is not only a music project, some elements often appearing in Yume's world will be described in Yume's mythology section. Discover some symbols about Yume's world...***2009/11/14 - YUME MUSIC BOX STYLE: 2 NEW TRACKS"In the abyss" and "My rainbow" tracks have been arranged into music box style. You can now listen to them on Yume's myspace page.http://www.myspace.com/yumemusic***2009/10/27 - YUME ESCAPE IS FINALIST ON 100% MUSIC SONG WRITING CONTESTEscape has been selected on 100% Music Song Writing Contest 2009. It has reached finalist place into electronic music category. Now waiting for the 30th of November for the winners selection...http://www.100-music-songwriting-contest.com/2009-finalists***2009/07/31 - YUME MUSIC BOX STYLEYou can listen on Yume myspace page to Music box version of Escape. Soon, Yume's tracks will be done in music box style... Other things coming soon. Identity evoluating...http://www.myspace.com/yumemusic***2009/07/14 - YUME HAIKU ON WEBSITEYou can now discover a few Yume's haiku in "Haiku" section. Illustrations of the haiku will come very soon...***2009/07/03 - YUME INTERNATIONAL WEBSITE OPENDear friends, now, Yume's international website is available on http://www.yumemusic.netWebsite is still under construction.***



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